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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

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Does Your Equine Source guarantee the sale of my listings?
We do not guarantee the sale of your listing, your product or service or any other products or services advertised on this site.

How do I change my address, email or phone number on my ad(s)?
Login into your account using your email address and password there is an Edit Profile button to change all necessary information concerning your account.

I have forgotten my ID and or Password?
There is an automated way to receive your ID and or Password. Go to Forgot your password? And enter your email address.

How do I replace a photo on my ad is there any additional cost?
Your Equine Source has given you the freedom to delete or replace your photo or photo's through the term of your ad at no additional cost.

I am having problems uploading my photo or photo's can I send it to you postal mail?
Yes, make sure that you are not trying to upload a picture that is too big or does not fit our criteria? For information on sending your photo or photo's to Your Equine Source please go to place and ad page and you will see Scanning Service which gives you all instructions for sending us your photo or photo's.

Can I delete my ad?
Yes, this is a simple process. Log in using your email and password. Once your account has opened up you will see a list of your items on the far right is a Delete button. Remember once you delete your ad there is NO way to retrieve it. This is permanent please make sure this is what you want to do.

I registered for an account but I am not sure how to place my ad?
Your Equine Source has made the website very user friendly along with simple navigation here are a few simple instructions after you register:

  1. Click the Place an Ad button at the top of the page
  2. Choose Ad Package
  3. Paid ad packages you will need your credit card to go through our shopping cart. Free text ads are located at the very bottom of the Place an Ad page
  4. Once your credit card has been approved your ad space will open
  5. Click Add Item
  6. Click Select Ad Type (First)
  7. Click Select Category (Second)
  8. Click Submit
  9. Your ad space is open and available for you to place your ad
  10. When you have completed your ad form remember to click ADD to retain all information

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How do I edit my ad?

In your admin, click View Items. Click the "E" under edit. Text or Photo's can be changed at anytime while the ad is active.

Does Your Equine Source offer a renewal notice before my ad expires?
Yes, we pride ourselves on being efficient and you will receive a renewal notice via email approximately two weeks before your ad expires.

How do I renew my paid ad without having to reload all my information and photo's?
Login to your admin, and select renew in your ad listing. Follow the steps to purchase more ad space. You can upgrade at this time to add more photos to your ad.

My email address has changed how do I change that in my profile?
First, login to your admin and click on edit profile. You can then change any information listed, including your email. REMEMBER: this will change your login for You will need to use your new email to log in to our site.

How can I place a banner ad on Your Equine Source?
We have provided a link for you to view all current information pertaining to banner ads

How do I take advantage of your free events page?
We have provided a link to fill out all information to post your event

What are your advertising rates on Your Equine Source?
On Your Equine Source our text ads are free we offer several packages with competitive pricing to meet your needs. Our photo ads range from $7.95 and up for 90 days or take advantage of our 1 year package at $55.95.

What are Video ads?
Your Equine Source has put a great deal of thought in our video ads and adding the video service to our site we thought would not be beneficial since we cannot compete with such names as Google, Yahoo, AOL and You Tube. So we have decided that most video users already have accounts with these services (Google, Yahoo, AOL and You Tube). Your Equine Source has decided to allow you to attach your video link to our site at NO additional cost and we made a special spot for video links with any paid package.

Can Your Equine Source give me recommendations for buying or selling a horse?
Your Equine Source cannot give legal advice when buying or selling a horse on our site, but we can give you some basic knowledge to safe guard yourself before deciding to make a purchase. We strongly recommend a Vet Check or pre-purchase exam to be performed on any horse by the buyer's veterinarian of choice. Do not hesitate to ask the seller for references or use a site like  or  to find complaints etc. about a particular seller.

How do I place a stallion ad in other paid packages?

Please make sure you have registered for an account if you haven't already. You can select any of the packages we have available in addition to the Stallion Showcase. You are not limited to just the six month and 12 month packages under the Stallion Showcase.

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